What should you include in your HOA newsletter?

What should you include in your HOA newsletter?
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Newsletters are a great way to keep the community informed and connected. Whether you send out a physical printed copy or an electronic version, they are valuable for homeowners to have. But, what do you include in a community newsletter? There are various types of content to consider.

You, of course, want to date the newsletter and categorize it numerically. (I.e: What version it is.) Start your newsletter with a cordial greeting, and summarize some of the more important items readers will find in the newsletter.

In addition, you want to go over any important notices that homeowners need to be aware of. Will there be new construction starting? Are there updates on current or ongoing construction? Were there big decisions recently made in any meetings? Consider what events may be approaching in the near future locally and within the community. Make note of these in the newsletter as well.

It’s a good idea to include various tips. You can include things that are seasonal, maintenance-related or even ways to save energy.

Consider using the newsletter as a place to honor various people as well, whether they’re on the HOA board, volunteers, or members of the community. A newsletter is a good place to make mention of their accomplishments and thank them for their hard work.

You might also want to dedicate a section of the newsletter for community contributors. Consider allowing one or two entries from homeowners in each newsletter. In this section, community members can share big or exciting news, like any milestones they want to the community to know about.

Your newsletter is a good place to answer commonly asked questions. Things like how residents can access the association’s governing documents or when the HOA meetings are held. Don’t forget to include contact information within the newsletter, either under the FAQ page or in a section of its own.

To finish up your newsletter, make sure to include a closing message. This can wrap up some of what you talked about and let residents know what to expect in the next one. Remember, when you’re creating a newsletter that it shouldn’t be all text. Visuals are a great way to make your newsletter more readable and enjoyable.

If you’d like any help managing your HOA community and keeping your residents engaged, please reach out to us at PMI. We’re happy to assist however we can!